Training FAQ

Training Overview

If the Tennant Biomodulator® is so simple to use, why do I need to go to a conference?
To gain a fuller understanding of how energy works in the body and what other things are factors in obtaining the best results.


Am I required to attend to a conference?
No, you are not required to come to a conference, but it is an incredible opportunity to learn from Dr. Tennant, he is an amazing teacher and it is definitely worth your time. Participants have reported that Dr. Tennant’s conference is one of the most important training sessions that they have ever experienced.


How long am I eligible to come to a conference after the purchase of Tennant Biomodulator®?
The offer to attend a conference does not expire.


How far in advance do I need to register?
You need to register at least 30 days in advance, because the conferences fill up quickly.


Can I purchase the Tennant Biomodulator® at the time of the conference?
If the conference is not already filled to capacity, there may be the opportunity to register however, you will not be qualified to receive the $500 discount.


How much is the cost of the conference?
The conference is free if you have purchased a Biomodulator. If you have not purchased a Biomodulator, the conference price is $1,100.


Is the Thursday night public presentation part of the training and is it required?
Yes. Thursday night begins the conference with Dr. Tennant’s presentation of An Introduction to Healing and Voltage for Better Health. This presentation is open to the public. The presentation is from 7:00pm -10:00pm. Attending the presentation or any part of the conference is not required, however it is valuable information that you don’t want to miss.


What can I expect to learn from conference?
See Health Conference page (link)


Do I need to bring my Quick Start Guide and other materials I received with my Biomodulator purchase?
Yes, bring everything that came with the purchase of your device including your QuickSTART Guide and Biomodulator. Dr. Tennant reviews all the materials and demostrate techniques from the QuickSTART Guide. Plus there is hands-on training for the Biomodulator.


Are additional study materials included with the conference?
Yes, a workbook and additional study materials will be passed out early Friday morning.


Are hands-on demonstrations included with the conference?
Yes, be sure to bring your Biomodulator and wear comfortable loose fitting clothing, so that you may actively participate have hands-on application.


Continuing Education – Staff Training

Can I receive CE credit for this conference?
Yes, CE credits are available for massage therapist.


Is there any advanced training available?
Yes, once you have completed the first conference, then you are eligible to attend the advanced level.


How can I train my staff or other family members?
You may have a second person come to the conference with you for only $450


If distance prohibits attending a conference, can I take the course online or through video?
You are given training materials that include DVDs with your purchase, there really is no substitution for the conference experience.


What integrative health subjects are covered in this conference?
See Health Conference page (link)


General Logistics

May I record the conference?
You may audio record after you complete and sign a waiver that your recording is specifically for personal educational purposes and it will not to be distributed in any other form.


Does the conference day include breaks?
There will be several breaks throughout the day and 1 and ½ hour break for lunch. Lunch is not provided since most participants have individual dietary preferences. The hotel shuttle service provides transportation to local restaurants.


Are snacks served at breaks or should I bring my own?
We only provide water and hot herbal tea. You may bring snacks if you would like.


What time does the daily training session end each day?
Thursday is from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM; Friday is from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM.


I’m from out-of-town, do special room rates apply at the training hotel?
When you call the hotel to make your reservation, let them know that you are coming for Senergy Medical Group and Dr. Tennant’s Health Conference.


Does the hotel provide shuttle to the airports?
The Hilton Garden Inn DFW, North Grapevine is where we host the Dallas conference. Both provide shuttle service to and from the DFW airport, as well as to local restaurants and a local health food store upon request and advanced scheduling. You must contact the hotel and sign up for the shuttle service in advance to enjoy this privilege.