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ODOROX® equipment can be used to solve any indoor air problem. These systems harness green technology to provide the most effective and efficient solution to eliminate odors, decontaminate surfaces and clean the air. From residential and commercial to industrial and agricultural applications, the ODOROX® line is up to the challenge.

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Eliminate & Destroy Mold, Odors, Viruses, Bacteria & VOCs
No fumes, no harsh chemicals. ODOROX® technology is 100% green, non-toxic technology that can be safely used around humans and animals while scrubbing the air of biological and chemical contaminants.

ODOROX® technology is the advanced solution for eliminating odors, decontaminating surfaces and purifying the air in your home, office or RV. Designed and built by HGI Industries, Inc., ODOROX® technology is a patented, chemical-free process that converts ambient moisture in the air into atmospheric hydroxyl radicals. ODOROX® hydroxyls flood the room and penetrate fabrics, porous materials and anywhere air molecules can reach to seek and destroy odor molecules, bacteria, viruses, molds and other fungus species, as well as,Volatiie Organic Chemicals (VOCs). ODOROX® Technology aligns with the principles and teachings of Dr. Tennant’s Healing is Voltage.


How Does ODOROX® Technology Work?
Through years of field testing, HGI has developed a patented process that mimics Mother Nature by safely generating hydroxyl molecules indoors.


Processing Chamber
Contaminated air is directed into the chamber where ambient humidity and multiple nanometer wavelengths combine to create an oxidizing formula and produce hydroxyls. The quartz crystal optics is finely tuned to deodorize air flow, eradicate bacteria and other microorganisms, and produce hydroxyl molecules. The purified air is recycled back into the environment along with hydroxyls to further decontaminate surfaces and contents.

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